Data Services

FTTP & FTTC Fibre, Leased lines, Wireless, Mobile data

We deliver fixed and mobile data solutions with many options available, including backup data connectivity services.

Within budget we generally aim to provide the fastest services that are available to your premises. Below is a rundown of typical data services we provide, however contact an advisor today to see exactly what we can do for you.

Leased Line Internet: A private, high performance internet connection for your business with Full fibre optic connectivity and managed routers. This is a dedicated connection to your exchange to service just yourself, as the connection is not being shared with your neighbours you can utilise full speeds consistently with next to zero downtime, 99.8%.

These are especially useful for organisations requiring high performance upload speeds, this can facilitate resource intensive uploads to the cloud, think backing up large amounts of data remotely, anyone looking to upload lots of video content, using cloud servers etc. Or it could be you have a mission critical application. Whatever your requirement get in touch for speeds of up to 1GB or 1000MB per second!.

FTTP - Fibre to the premises: Essentially broadband minus the copper line, this is provided with full fibre optic connectivity from the premises to the exchange and so enjoys much faster and more reliable speeds as opposed to FTTC, this is currently being rolled out across the UK with most areas targeted to be catered for over the next couple of years. Current speeds range from 40/10 (40 MB download and 10 mb upload, right through to 1 GB per second or 1000 MB.

SOGEA: This is the new flavour of FTTC (see below) without the voice element. Ie this is a broadband data service only, this is still provisioned over a PSTN or Analogue line that the broadband will sit on however its not possible to plug in a handset as many do at home to get voice functionality. Features same speeds as FTTC broadband. Voice over SOGEA is provisioned for using SIP trunking technology and VOIP.

FTTC - Fibre to the cabinet: This is the technology currently servicing the most users, This as with SOGEA is a broadband service that sits on a PSTN or analogue line. Features speeds of up to 80MB download and 20MB upload, this is currently fast enough for most micro businesses and consumers.

GFAST: This is the successor to FTTC however is still provisioned over copper. Most serviced properties generally must be based within 500M of their exchange cabinet for this service.

Where available users can enjoy ultrafast speeds of up to 330MB down and 50MB up, with another option of 160/30.

ADSL2+: This is older legacy technology with limited speeds of around 24MB, generally used as a backup service with an FTTC connection for redundancy. Used generally in areas with poor connectivity.

Assured Lines: These are based on ADSL products however are exclusively used for voice services and not data. Used generally in areas with poor connectivity.

Mobile Data 3, 4, 5G Based on the cellular mobile networks, these can still provide lightning fast speeds depending on your area and network. We work with all the major network including O2, Vodafone, BT/EE and 3.

There are many options and variants using both the public and private networks for general use and for more advanced applications requiring static or assigned IP's or encrypted connections.

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