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We understand that the link between your business and customers is crucial to success; we supply you with market-leading hardware, innovative systems, and software to develop a robust, resilient, bespoke communications solution. Reach out to ClearTech Comms and start improving your business communications with Cloud-Based Telephony services; call our team today on 01204 358 045

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    Carl Slater
    Carl Slater
    By far the best Telecommunications company I have ever dealt with. From the meeting with the sales person (Trudy) to the engineers supplying, fitting and training (Peter and Andy) everything which was promised and more was completed in a short time frame, the broadband is extremely fast, the clarity of the phones are flawless, the mobile deal is the best I have ever been offered. I thought it was all to good to be true, but it's all fitted now and as you can see I am well happy. The after service is also fantastic. I even got to speak with the MD who is a great guy. All his staff are very knowledgeable. They helped me deal with the horrible BT people, and rid them from my life. All in all I highly recommend Cleartech Communications to anyone. A proper company who are easy to get hold of and deal with unlike others who put you on hold for hours, and lie to you. Top marks for Cleartech, thank you for sorting my system out. I love it.
    Lesley Thorne
    Lesley Thorne
    Brilliant Company, had a right headache connecting my card machine to the internet, Andy came out and sorted it in less than half an hour. He is a lifesaver...thanks Andy :)
    A Google User
    A Google User
    Standard of work is exceptional, our comms cupboard was a terrible mess however the engineers took it upon themselves to completely refresh it.Some cabling was required however this was done swiftly and smoothly and I wasnt even charged for the additional work. Thanks guys
    Rachel Nuttall Grounds
    Rachel Nuttall Grounds
    It was a pleasure working with Trudy, she helped us from start to finish & explaining things with me , we have brand new phones which are so nice & so easy to use. she has been a great help I cannot fault anything she has done for us, but also knowing she has helped us to come away from our previous suppliers and made life so much easier for us all here. thanks again Trudy. Look forward to working with you:-) super :-)
    Ben Consterdine
    Ben Consterdine
    Honest advice, quick transition, particularly love the call recording.. Thanks Cleartech!
    john metcalfe
    john metcalfe
    This is a wonderful company to deal with , Nothing is too much trouble, Our broadband went down due to our previous supplier and Ross (The Engineer) came out with a new 4 G Solution within 1 hour. A Truly Professional Service, Worth 5 Star......

    The basics: what is Telephony?

    Telephony gets its name from the Greek words Tele and Phone, which means 'far' and 'to speak'; which is exactly what telephony means, technology that allows you to communicate from afar. Traditionally, business telephony would use copper cables to enable real-time conversations and data transmission.

    However, the widespread use of mobile phones expanded the definition of telephony. Due to their portable nature, mobile phones cannot make use of the traditional copper cables like their landline alternatives. As such, mobile phones essentially act as a two-way radio, sending and receiving radio waves and converting them into sound waves to allow for communication.

    Innovation and technological advancements have caused the definition of telephony to change over time. Nowadays, many would claim that telephony is a technology used to communicate from afar. This would include numerous technologies, including text messages, video calling, voicemail, telephone calls, and fax.

    How is cloud telephony different?

    Historically telephony was used to describe landlines, using traditional copper cabling to allow for communication over long distances, then expanded to include mobile phones and internet communications. However, with the invention of cloud computing, this telecommunications method has become less advantageous for businesses.

    Cloud telephony works by converting sound waves into a series of data packets and transmitting them via the internet, similar to how VoIP or internet calling works. However, unlike internet communications, a cloud or a hosted telephone system doesn't require the maintenance of several internal servers. Instead, the hosting is managed by a VoIP or hosted telephony provider. This provides numerous advantages, especially for small businesses that may not be able to employ the staff required to maintain a server for VoIP calls.

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      Benefits of Hosted Telephony

      There are numerous hosted telephony benefits; perhaps key amongst them is the ease of installation. Due to there being no physical server requirements on-site, they can be easily installed and configured. With hosted IP telephony, you don’t have to worry about large and expensive server equipment taking up significant working space, and you don’t have to spend hours managing long and extensive cables.

      Additionally, as your server hosting is handled in the cloud by a third party, you don't have to worry about updates; cloud telephony providers will provide this, and changes and configuration can be handled by administrators instantly. Also another key benefit of hosted telephony is that they're largely compatible with many digital communication devices, such as IP phones, desktops, and mobiles.

      Finally, it's important to note that analogue and ISDN services are ending by 2025. Businesses will need to embrace new technologies to provide business communication solutions. Don’t wait until the big switch off, speak to ClearTech Comms and discuss migrating to a cloud-based telephony solution today.

      Mitel® Telephony Services – Improve The Way Your Business Communicates

      Mitel® is a global leader in real-time business, cloud, and mobile communications. Having worked in partnership with them, we can attest to their commitment and passion for the industry.

      Day after day, they are exclusively focused on helping customer enhance their communications and better connect. Mitel® has been innovating for the past 45 years, and they continue to drive the industry forward.

      At ClearTech Comms, we use Mitel® telephony systems for our communications. We know first-hand how great Mitel® products are, as they are tried and tested by our very own team of experts and engineers. And with 70million users in nearly 100 countries, we're not the only business that recognises the excellence in Mitel® telecoms products. They have truly earned their reputation as a global market leader in business comms.

      Telephone system for small office and large businesses – ClearTech Comms

      Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform that enhances business communications. It's useable on a wide range of devices, including smartphones via apps and desktop and laptop computers, allowing your team to stay connected regardless of location.

      Teams are useful for businesses both large and small. Small businesses that utilise hybrid working will be able to ensure clear communications are maintained whilst co-workers are working at different locations, such as from the office, work-from-home, or those working from public co-working spaces. On the other hand, large businesses with multiple office locations can benefit greatly from Microsoft Teams as it allows colleagues within the same department but at different geographic locations to efficiently collaborate on a project together.

      Microsoft Teams has many great features that are helpful for business communications, including document sharing and online meetings. This provides a great team space where colleagues can make creative decisions and effectively communicate with one another. ClearTech Comms can help bring Teams Integration into your business, improving workspace collaboration, boosting performance over multiple locations, and perhaps enabling the possibility of remote or flexible working in your company.

      Why Choose ClearTech Comms?

      Physical or Virtual, we provide a bespoke solution. Our installations team can tailor your package to include multiple sites, mobile applications, remote workers, mobile handsets, SIM-only plans, IT support plans, system configurations, network security firewalls and much more.

      Superb Customer Support – Fast Response Times

      Our team are always on hand to help with any questions, no matter how big or small. You can use our support portal, and we always aim to respond within 24 hours; alternatively, you can call us if you need a quicker response.

      Our Engineers Are Manufacturer Trained

      We're fully committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality installation and maintenance services. We have partnered with the best technology and communication partners globally to ensure we fulfil our commitments. Our engineers are trained by manufacturers, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

      All Core Elements, From One Provider

      Communication is at the core of every business, and we're fully dedicated to ensuring that our customers can communicate effectively. We see our partnerships with our customers and clients are more than just a business transition; we're committed to your success. That's why we provide all core elements, including hardware, services, and support, under one roof. We can support you wherever your business may take you, whether in the office, on the road or home/ remote workers.

      Ongoing Support As Your Business Grows

      As your business grows, your needs will change, and your telephony service will need to adapt. ClearTech Comms is with you for the long run; we'll provide continuous support as your business grows. Our services can be tailored to suit your business and expand as you do, upgrading hardware, modifying services and upgrading your support services. Additionally, to demonstrate our commitment to your long-term success. If we notice any areas for improvement or opportunities for cost reduction. Our team will be sure to let you know.

      Bespoke Maintenance Packages Available

      We provide tailor-made service solutions for all your business telecom needs throughout the UK. Based on your selected telecoms maintenance plan, you could take advantage of our various packages, from basic assistance to an all-inclusive package. We have a package to suit any business; speak to us about your specific needs, and we will be happy to look into what's best for you.

      ClearTech Communications, 200 Years Of Industry Experience

      As communication systems experts with over two centuries of combined engineering expertise, we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that your business is communicating at its most effective and efficient.

      From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, we have a market-leading range of hardware, software & services to suit. We dedicate significant time to understanding your corporate personality and ethos and how your business works and operates. From designing your package to installing your hardware, provisioning services, training your staff, and providing ongoing support and maintenance, ClearTech delivers outstanding service throughout every step.

      Cloud Based Telephony Services From ClearTech Comms; Enquire Today

      As communication systems experts with over two centuries of combined engineering expertise, we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that your business is communicating at its most effective and efficient.

      At ClearTech Comms, our team has over two centuries of combined engineering experience. We're fully dedicated to our customers, providing direct support and a one-stop business communication solution. Our systems allow you to streamline services, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and ensure that you stay in control with a range of managed business support solutions. To learn more or make an enquiry regarding our telephone system for small business or office phone systems, please call 01204 358 045, email, or fill out our contact form below.

        Please fill in as much detail as possible below and one of our experienced team will give you a call as soon as possible.